Healthcare Communications

With our virtual and collaborative approach, we offer our corporate and agency clients a range of healthcare communications and content services in a different, more effective and more flexible way.

You get the right people and skills from a single source. Hire us in a team purpose-built for a specific job or as individuals to fill in your project resource gaps.

We are the whole package for healthcare

We base our services on 15 core specialist skills packages, designed to meet your most constant demands and needs. Pick one off the shelf if you need a quick fix for a clear-cut healthcare challenge or one-off project.

While every project is different, most are based on a combination of these nuts and bolts skills, tasks and activities. They’re the building blocks of every team. So, for a larger or more complex communications project, we combine specialist packages to create fully customised project services delivered by experts with directly relevant skills and experience.

Add bespoke consultancy and project management for a perfect match to your brief and the quickest, most cost-effective route to hitting your project targets.


Core media materials and outreach for Rx, OTC or corporate


Business planning, proposal development and strategic counsel


Key message development and story flow


Copywriting and content generation


Issues and crisis management


Creative direction and design


Change management


Patient engagement and case study profiles


Stakeholder mapping


Internal communications


Market access


Social media auditing, planning and engagement


Internal or external project management


Team back-up and surge support


Slide deck development and enhancement

Delivering The Difference

Find full details of what each specialist service package covers and how you can use them in our online brochure…

A different solution that flexes to fit every project

What are your challenges?

  • Getting a product or brand launched to a deadline and budget?
  • Generating original content to support a campaign?
  • Conceiving, planning and executing a campaign?
  • Issues preparedness planning for products or companies?
  • Internally publicising, explaining and gaining support for business and market developments?
  • Scoping, planning and carrying out patient or data-based research?
  • Planning and delivering a multimedia, digital campaign?
  • Building and populating a website or microsite?
  • Finding experienced people who can single-mindedly manage a project to its conclusion?
  • Needing more pairs of hands to meet surges in demand for delivery and support?

Hand us a campaign brief and we’ll combine the time and skills of our Strategists, Amplifiers, Storymakers, Scribes and Eventers to plan and execute it.

Pass us your digital project and we’ll get our Visionaries, Connectors and Orators on the case.

Ask us for help with an internal communications challenge and you’ll get a team of our finest Chameleons, Influencers, Insiders, Eventers, Scribes and Orators.

You get the idea. Whatever the size or complexity of your healthcare communications project, we have the right talent to deliver every element of it, in exactly the measure and timescale you need. And of course, we’ll work with your people and in your teams, so you can make best use of all your resources.

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Director, Dianax

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Director, dianax

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