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Are you an independent, senior communications, content and/or healthcare expert who wants to work flexibly and thinks they’ve got what it takes to make the Difference? Then we’d love to hear from you.

Click below to complete our online application form and tell us what makes you Different and why you’d like to #WorkDifferently.

We’ll be in touch to talk about how your skills and aspirations could fit into The Collective. We don’t take on everyone who applies – but if you have great experience and buy into our values, you’re in a strong position!


Working for us is Different from agency or corporate life, if that’s your background. You won’t be an employee for a start.

You’ll be an independent freelancer working flexibly on your terms. But rather than going it alone, you get the support and camaraderie of a virtual community, teammates and a pipeline of relevant work for your skills and aspirations. It’s all the good stuff from the life and culture of a terrific agency without the ties and constraints.

If you choose to #WorkDifferently you’ll benefit from:

  • Premium project work opportunities
  • Premium clients
  • Purpose-built multi-talented teams
  • Collaborative virtual working
  • Industry-wide training
  • Industry trends and insights
  • A collective forum for idea generation and sharing
  • Operational, HR, finance, IT, marketing and legal support
  • Touch down working space
  • Opportunities for in-house and agency placements
  • Collective social events

Collective partners

Working independently creates time-consuming admin for us all. We’ve partnered with two trusted and good-value service organisations to help our members handle it.

We’ve chummed up with the team at Cobia to help with finance headaches for those freelancers who need accountancy support.

Our friends at specialist insurance brokers Robison & Co have found us a competitive deal on professional insurance.


Want to make a Difference?

The Collective is all about professional choice and freedom. It liberates individuals’ skills and talents to meet their match in challenging, fulfilling project work, carried out in ways that fit your lifestyle and aspirations. You’ll be part of a virtual team, with the support and encouragement of people who’ve worked freelance for years as well as those who come to it with a fresh perspective.

But everyone’s different… and it’s not for everyone.

So how will you know if it’s for you?

If you’re thinking of making a career and lifestyle change from a more conventional way of working, you can talk to us and use us as a sounding board. Because we’re passionate about working differently, we offer free initial advice and mentoring if you want it to help you decide if it could enhance your life.

Lisa says:

“One of the biggest incentives for me switching to freelance work in the first place was to inject variety into my daily working life. Being part of The Difference allows me to do what I do best without the confines of a regimented working location and hours.”

James says:

“For me, being in the Collective means I can focus on the task at hand without the baggage of corporate infrastructure. I can support people when they need it and make the best use of my own time to balance client demands. I find I work best early in the morning – with The Difference I can do that and produce my best work.”

Maria says:

“I joined the Difference because I’m passionate about building a portfolio career in Communications, Coaching and training to be a Yoga teacher. Being part of The Difference means I continue to work with great teams, we deliver great work and I continue to work in healthcare – an area I’m passionate about – without compromising on any of my priorities.”

Stuart says:

Creative practice can be an incompatible mix of independence and collaboration. It shouldn’t work and in many corporate situations it doesn’t. The idea of The Difference is one way to solve this conundrum. I can come together with like-minded people at a moment’s notice, but also retain an independence of thought and ideas. 

Helen says:

“I work hours I can fit around my toddler daughter, with people for whom I have much respect and admiration. I never thought this would be possible. For me, being able to be around for all of my daughter’s ‘firsts’ but still being able to continue in a career that I love is amazing, and I know just how lucky I am!”

Carly says:

“When I discovered that Angie was in the process of establishing The Difference Collective I jumped at the chance to get involved. It means I can still work flexibly on my terms, around my two young children, but with the added benefit of being part of a fantastic team who are at the top of their game. I’d say it’s the best of both worlds!”

Katy says:

“To me, working Differently is about smarter use of time. It’s about not having to run out the door before my children have had their breakfast, and returning as they are climbing into bed. It’s about producing top quality work and showing others that 9-5 isn’t the only means to achieving great working partnerships.”

Charlie says:

“I work flexible hours to accommodate my other writing work and parenting two school-age children. Working differently to me means being able to set my own agenda and schedule and give my full attention to my different priorities when I choose to. I now get far more done in a day, half day or hour than I ever did when I was tied to a corporate working week.”

Jo says:

In this technologically advanced world, no one should have to justify when, where and how they work. The Difference Collective has understood this, embraced it, and is leading the charge for how the healthcare comms industry really can #WorkDifferently. It is inspiring to be part of a community of remarkably talented people who would otherwise be lost to the industry, which would be a travesty. I get to work on incredibly exciting and challenging projects when I want and I know I have a 50-plus-strong team supporting me all the way. Most importantly, I believe The Collective delivers absolute excellence to all clients at all times. How brilliant is that?

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